Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years Essay

Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years Essay

“…..”This is the interviewer’s most common and favorite question . Almost every Respondent asks this question.
The answer to this question is not so easy, as your type of answer will determine your future in this company. First, it’s important to find out why the company developed the question. Such questions are asked simply to know your future goals if you will have any commitments for this company.

Let me give an example to explain my point here.

CNBC aired a program called ” the interview.” This particular program has registered the candidates who interviewed for the real work. Questions like the ones discussed on this blog have been posted through interview candidates. “Where are you at 10 years old?”

Different answers came from different candidates. There was a female applicant who was interviewed by Krishon Lampley, founder of the wine company Love Cork Screw, who tried to judge the candidate on marketing opportunities. When he was asked a similar question, the answer he received was vague and ambiguous.

She said, ” it’s interesting. Sometimes I know the answer, sometimes I don’t. I could live in another country. I could have children. I couldn’t have children.”The personal organs she mentioned were completely irrelevant to the work she was asking for . Obviously, this answer gave him a “red flag”.

Thus, the main confusion lies at the heart of such questions: “where do you see yourself for 10 years?”they are in the answers that can make or break your career at this particular company . Following the thoughts shared by Susie Welch, a bestselling author and CNBC contributor, answering questions like this should highlight her expectations and goals for the company she talks to, how it will grow within the company.

When you ask this question “where do you see yourself 10 years”, you have to give a realistic answer. Your answer should be about your contribution to the company, your future goals, what are the benefits that the company can get from you. If you have any previous experience, please indicate the achievements or awards that have been awarded to you. The interviewer doesn’t want to have an idea.

* How long will you be in the company •

• Why is work important to you?

* This is the right position for you •

* Any career plans?

* What are your expectations?

You’re not the only one applying for a job. There will be many candidates, the competition is tough. So your answer should be really convincing. In the end, companies will hire candidates who feel will remain in the company for a long period of time, will promote the company. You have to show your interest in the position you have applied for, what all you can learn by working in that position and what you want to achieve from that position. You have to be honest. Don’t just try to convince your hiring Manager to get the job. Because either way, they’ll know your truth. They have enough experience in this area and can very well understand their truth. So be sincere by answering the question “” where do you see yourself 10 years”,

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