University of East London launches nursing course with showcase of £50k patient simulating robot

University of East London launches

The “University of East London” has built a plan in order to overcome with nursing staff shortages in this respective area. University launches a training program which has an aim to prepare pool of nurses to work in East London. This specific program provides nursing essays assessments to nurses by offering 50% of the training should take place in classroom environment and rest will be conducted outside the premises. In this sense, University built a plan to help nursing students by inventing advance and high-technological patient simulator robot which can imitate the behaviour of patients.

University of East London launches

The initial budget that has been set by the management of East London should be approx. £50,000 as to assist nurses in work related actions. One of the senior lecturer in adult nursing dept. argues that this mannequin device has the ability to copy real human physiology and its changes in present or real time. National Health Services and its management in the area have a meeting to discuss these queries which ultimately helps in transforming good health services in East London.

This particular course of reflective essay nursing and field of nursing study commences from January in which University receives more than 500 applications till date. According to the Chief of Health Education England, University of East London introduces a program that will help nurses to showcase their talent in NHS in future intervals. He further elaborates that it is necessary to necessary to expand nursing workforce which only achieved if more institutes offer degrees in nursing domain.

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