Tips For Paperless Classroom Management

Tips For Paperless Classroom Management

The article offers a very different approach in which Dan Davis discusses his experience as an English teacher in regular classes and paperless classes. This article, titled The paperless one. Professor Davis explores the benefits of a paperless construction and slightly recognizes the arguments against it.

I have trouble accepting a paperless construction, especially when it comes to English. I believe that language is primarily speech, and it is necessary to use speech to effectively teach English composition and literature. This is hard to explain, but Professor Davis lists the complaints other teachers have about virtual classes, one of which is “the red pen.” He later states that with e-valuation, he does not write directly about the work of the students so they remain “pure”.”

My most valuable possession is a collection of writing drafts with the comments of my teachers in the fruitful. Yeah, even some with red ink. I wish I’d held on to more. I have four drafts of” The Hollow, ” a poem I wrote in college. Each has Professor Goodman’s comments and notes. I do not feel that I currently write poetry also without this feedback.

Professor Davis can argue that I can get the same feedback through an online class. It’s not the same. It’s a different process. I think our brains work differently when we type than when we type. I write differently on the typewriter than on paper. I don’t know exactly how to explain this, but it has to do with the different motor activity. Writing requires ability and brain activity other than typing. I write my papers by hand and then I write. I print most of the articles and some class discussions. And yes. I write in them, in red.

He also laments a class he gave in a hangar. Well, the conditions weren’t ideal, and as he notes, the students were exhausted. I don’t want to do anything for four consecutive hours. I see how online instruction eliminates programming problems that lead to a four-hour class. I’m a little insulted by your extreme examples. Just like the nightmare of his existence was a load of paperwork that either ended up flying in the air or in a garbage can he carried for two semesters that gave him back pain. It’s too melodrama.

This does not mean that I disagree with most of what Professor Davis says in this article. Of course, I like online classes, and I firmly believe that hybrid courses are the ideal. There are many benefits to online teaching, but topics like theater and English require some interaction beyond email. Still I plan to explore further. The site provides tools for instruction for primary and Secondary Education. I’ll probably use the two sites suggested by these articles. But I will because the resources are very good. Not because traditional resources are so bad.

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