Samples Essay

Samples Essay

At this section you can check the samples of custom orders completed by Order Essay. We posted a wide range of samples covering various types of orders and different subjects so that you can familiarize yourself better with the level of our service. Our writers deliver 100% custom, personalized and high quality solutions to many students around the globe. You can be the next one to take advantage of our service placing an order today!

Samples Essay

Here you can check a sample of a full essay on International Finance (“Hedge Funds“) and on Arts (“Role of spatiality in the work of two contemporary artists“).

Below you can see short extracts of essays prepared on different other subjects.

Essay (Management)

“Shifts in approach to the way Sony operates and the way it internally communicates are not new to the company. In 2003, Nobuyuki Idei, CEO of Sony summarized the central challenges facing Sony: “We have to change our culture from the manufacturing industry to knowledge-based global culture” (Wagner and Hollenbeck 435). Wagner and Hollenbeck describe the changes undertaken by Nobuyuki Idei…”

Research Paper (Psychology)

“The whole theory of psychosexual development by Sigmund Freud premises on the belief that adult behaviour is governed by instinctual impulses and inner desires that emerges in our id in childhood. Freud argues that majority of these desires are associated with sex and other fantasies that as a rule prohibited to be overtly discussed in society and therefore are hidden by person’s ego by means of defence mechanisms (Freud, 1989)…”

Multiple-Choice Questions (Macroeconomics)

“2. Consumption of fixed capital (depreciation) can be determined by:
A) adding indirect business taxes to NDP.
B) subtracting NDP from GDP.
C) subtracting net investment from GDP.
D) adding net investment to gross investment.

Problem Set (Calculus)

“In order to find the maximum profit and the number of tonnage which must be processed to yield the maximum profit, I took the first derivative of the profit function and found its solution when it equals to 0.
R(x) = 5x; C(x) = 0.0001×2 + 1.2x + 60.
Profit function is P(x) = 5x – 0.0001×2 – 1.2x – 60.
Derivative is …”

Case Report (Management Information Systems)

“The major problems that PBM faced in 2002 included manufacturing process defects and poor line utilization, low customer responsiveness, time consuming and costly communication with current and particularly potential customers, no centralized pool of information for executives for real-time control and flexibility of operations. Initiatives undertaken by PBM generally closely followed Lucas and Baroudi framework, with one new salient component added. It is integration of the various individual IT initiatives, which was a crucial element of the PBM’s E-Business success…”

Problem Set /Essay (Finance)

“In order to calculate the before tax NPV and advise the managers of Deer Valley about whether adding the lift will be a profitable investment, I need to calculate all the annual net cash flows from the lift during its life time value (20 years) and find the present value of their sum using the before-tax required rate of return of 14%… Depreciation is included in costs this time because it influences the income after tax and therefore the final cash flow. Depreciation is calculated based on MACRS recovery period of 10 years (taken from Table 6.4. on p.122, Brealey, Myers & Allen, 2006)…”

Problem Set / Essay (Managerial Accounting)

“Unit contribution margin equals to sales price minus the unit variable cost. (Hilton, 2005, p.302) Assuming that the barbers’ compensation is a fixed cost, the only unit variable cost for Andre’s Hair Stylling is hair shampoo used on all clients, which equals to $0.40 per client. The price of haircut (sales price) is $12. Using this data, contribution margin equals to $11.60 ($12-$0.40).”

Research Paper (Strategy)

“The second option is expansion strategy. It aims at knowledge creation based on the existing information, data and knowledge. The focus of expansion strategy is to enhance and augment the existing knowledge by bringing additional expertise pertinent to extra knowledge creation. It is worth noting that knowledge creation in this case is not confined to the company, but can be extended to partner firms. Haberberg and Rieple (2001) wrote the following with respect to the importance of drawing on additional explicit and tacit knowledge within the organization to build on the existing knowledge…”

Linear Optimization Problem (Quantitative Methods)

“MAX: 40(T1+T2) + 15(C1+C2)
S.T.: 17T1 + 5C1 <= 150 30T2 + 13C2 <= 210 T1, T2 => 0
C1, C2 => 0
Where T1 is oak tables, T2 – pine tables, C1 – oak chairs, C2 – pine chairs…”

Essay (Literature)

“Satan’s character is well outlined in his speeches throughout the epic. Despite being very long, his speeches are also very convincing and inspiring. Satan managed to persuade “one-third of all the angels in Heaven” to join him in his rebellion against God. By means of speeches, Milton shows us how eloquent and skillful Satan is in his choice of word and persuasiveness.”

Research Paper (Arts)

“Andre Derain painted “The Turning Road, L’Estaque” in 1906 by oil on canvas. The gender of the painting is a Landscape, while its art style is regarded to be Fauvism. However, in my view the elements of Cubism are also present in the painting. ”

Essay (History)

“French Revolution was one of the most noticeable events in the modern history of Europe, albeit also one of the most controversial. The complexity of the events that took part in 1789-1800 didn’t allow for an authorative and prevailing approach to the interpretation of the French revolution. Even thought the predominant thought justifies the revolution and praises its attainments, some recent historians (i.e. William Doyle, Simon Schama, and John Bosher) doubt its justification and believe that “overall it failed to advance the good of humanity” (Cannistraro and Reich, p.754).”

Essay (Political Science)

“When we try to compare and contrast Ms. Hamer to the other great fighter for the rights of African American, such as Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, we will see that her contribution definitely wasn’t subordinate to theirs, and even transcending theirs in certain respect. The common for all of them was their fierce struggle for the rights of African American. However, when compared to Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, Ms. Hamer was struggling not only for the rights of African American in general, but also contributed to the struggle of feminists of that time.”

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