Rules for Effective Essay Writing

Rules for Effective Essay Writing

Every student faces the necessity to write an essay. Essay writing is considered to be quite challenging task that requires not only writing talent, but also profound knowledge concerning the topic and technical writing skills.

However, we can help you deal with an essay. In this handout we present you some simple tricks that will make your essay crafting process less efforts-taking. Follow these simple rules and you will write an “A” essay.

1. Write about your object of interest
Correct essay topic is the first thing that can make essay writing easier or more difficult. It is much easier to write about something that really concerns you than to describe things you know and want to know nothing about.

2. Do the data investigation
Here you can use any data storage: the internet, library and even academic database. Your aim is to find information. It is not important when you will find it. Not to lose anything – make notes!

3. Analyze, analyze and continue analyzing
Read all your notes, find out concepts and theories (if there are). Look for their weak points and strength.

4. Brainstorm the brightest idea
Your essay should demonstrate your personal insight concerning the topic. So ask yourself different questions, meditate with a notebook and pen trying to find special brilliance for your paper.

5. Write impressive theses
Find out your best idea concerning the topic and formulate in the most intriguing way. It should be short and shocking. Less words it contains the more impressive it sounds.

6. Outline the essay
It is an important part of essay writing that determines the final structure of the paper. Describe all the paragraphs in one-sentenced manner, use bullet points. Then you may structure and restructure all your future paragraphs. Your aim – create impressive essay.

7. Start you writing

Essay structure may seem simple, but still there are many nuances. An essay consists of the intro, body and conclusion. All the parts are connected to each other with the help of bridges. In the introduction you provide the background of your paper, show that it is actual and up-to-date. The most powerful intros finish with the theses statement.

Body should contain all your main points developed into separate paragraphs. We recommend you to start your arguing with the strongest main point. This will make bigger impression on the reader.

Conclusion is necessary to sum everything up. It should demonstrate that all your work wasn’t useless and you’ve reached your aim. Finish you concluding part with your theses. This effective technic will let you put a large and fat point.

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