MSC Southeast to suspend registered nursing program

MSC Southeast to suspend registered nursing program

The College of Minnesota in the state of southeast planning to abandoned its two-year nursing program in the start of 2020. Presently, more than 90 students have been enrolled in MSC program in two campuses of Southeast which are near to complete their degrees. After the completion of degrees for existing students, University does not offer any program in this particular field.

The reason behind this step that in last year, institute’s passing rate have been down even from minimum criteria. According to the “NCLEX-RN” licensing exam, more than 70% of the students must pass their nursing reflective essay assessments during their initial attempt. The Dean of the MSC Nursing Department confirms that presently the passing ratio is below than 69% which leads them to take this mode of action. On the other side, Southeast College plan to boost its score by providing E-Learning facilities through electronic textbooks and video teaching classes.

According to the Dean, Southeast College increases its rank by limiting its admission offerings in order to enhance nursing education standard. Next year, management makes more complex rules as students who passes the admission exam with qualifying score only gets the chance to pursue their academic career in Southeast College and after that they need to submit creative nursing dissertation topics. After suspension of MSC nursing degree in future, none of the existing students left and wants to complete their assessments with ease and interest. Southeast College has renowned name in offering quality nursing education, which is why management decided to uplift the rank through limiting admissions of new students.

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