How To Quote A TV Show In An Essay

How To Quote A TV Show In An Essay

When you need to write a research paper, sometimes you have to use other ideas. If you are using the ideas of this particular person, it is better for you to tell your reader exactly where your information comes from. Otherwise, people will think you’re stealing ideas from that person without giving them credit. To write an essay you will use references from sources such as books magazines, but sometimes you can also refer to some unusual sources such as television episodes. Many style guidelines exist as MLA (Modern Language Association)and Chicago style. Each is different from the other. These guidelines will help you quote sources correctly.

Let’s look at some of the techniques how we can quote a TV show in an essay.

1. A reference to the series in the style of MLA

* Guide MLA to distinguish broadcast and record TV shows. It can be written in the same way, but changes happen after you write the series title.

* The episode title should be enclosed in quotation marks as it will be used later in the help page. As for the font, write it in italics. Let’s look at an example of how to write a title.

If it is a recorded episode, you should write it as “wind in the tree“, and if you use the name of the disc or DVD ,then “wind in the tree”. Fashion for winners: season two””

• In a broadcast quote, you must first mention the station name(with a dot), callsigns, and date, followed by the date it was broadcast. Also, you should mention that it was broadcast on TV.

For example: “wind in the tree.” Fashion for winners. Fox. WBT, okemah V. 15 Jan. 2009. TV.”

• In a citation for a recorded TV show, your beginning should be the same as that of a broadcast citation, only you should include its distributors and the date it was published. Along with this, you can provide information about Directors, actors, producers, singers, if any, and also mention what you saw in this show.

Example: “wind in the tree”. Fashion for winners: the second season. Dir. Jesse Asked. John and George films, 2011. DIGITAL VIDEO DISC”

• In a text quote, you should mention the name of the TV show in a short form in parentheses. Example: (“wind in the tree”).

2. A reference to the Chicago-style series

* Quoting a Chicago-style television show is slightly different from MLA-style in the sense that you have to create a footnote after the dot at the end of the sentence. It creates a number at the bottom of the page.

• After creating a footnote, start typing your essay in the footnote. The name of the TV show must be enclosed in quotation marks with comma at the end.

Example: “wind in the tree,”

* Then write the name of the TV show, the name of the DVD, and then add where you get the TV episode from; DVD or VHS.

Example: “wind in the tree”, fashion for winners: season two, DVD,”

* Director’s name as Ex: The Wind in the Tree, ‘ Fashion For winners: the second Season, DVD, directed by Jesse job”.

* Now include the year, city or country in which the show was shown. Also, mention the Studio / distributor.

Example: “wind in the tree, “”fashion for winners: season two,” DVD, directed by Jesse job (2009; Oklahoma city: John and George films, 2011.)”

• Now that you have created the footnotes, you now need to change it to a reference by changing the commas and brackets.

Example: “wind in the tree”, fashion for winners: the second season. DIGITAL VIDEO DISC. Directed By Jesse Jobs. 2009. Oklahoma city: John and George films, 2011.

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