How Is It to Be a Thesis Maker?

How Is It to Be a Thesis Maker?

Everyone will agree with the fact that the prospective of long sitting in front of a blank piece paper trying to write something for the thesis is definitely unattractive. But still thesis writing is intimidating. It requires time, inspiration, knowledge, perseverance, persistence, good technical writing skills, professional competency… this list can be indefinitely continued.

In spite of being extremely challenging and time-taking task, no one can escape from this assignment and has to become a thesis maker for some period of time. Every thesis writer has his/her own supervisor that is supposed to read student’s drafts provide some critics or pieces of advice concerning writer’s style and level.

It goes without saying that you supervisor will never read every draft you bring. He will read your paper maximum one time! Supervisor is not your editor or proofreader – don’t forget this!

Small Secrets about Theses Writing

We understand well how much difficult it can be for you to write a thesis. That’s why we have prepared for you some effective tips on writing a masters thesis.

So let’s start.

– Set the deadline for your research
It should be the exact date of your finishing all the “scientific experiments”. Leave your research at least 3 months to finish everything. Never move this fixed date. Remember it is almost impossible to complete everything from you must-be-done list. The earlier you finish – the more time for your thesis you will have. And this is never a bad thing!

– Decide when to stop writing
You should also decide the deadline for composing your thesis. In ideal it is in 3 months after the start date. If you want to “waste” more time on writing a masters thesis, write down the reasons for it. Is it impossible or are you just lazy?

– Organize small deadlines for each chapter
This will help you organize your time well and will save from the final deadline missing

– Set mini-goals for every day
It can be writing 1000 words every day, dealing with the certain part of sources, whatever.

– Organize inspiring atmosphere in your study
It is easier to work at home. There are less disturbing factors, silence and as it is said “native walls inspire”. While writing a thesis, don’t visit social networks neither check your email box. This will divert you.

– Rule of 25 minutes
Your intensive work should last 25 minutes, not more. After that you should have a 5-minute break. During this time you should relax your body and brain – make yourself a cup of tea, do some physics exercises, whatever.

– Take care of yourself
In order to have enough strength for everyday dealing with your thesis, you should be full of energy. That’s why you should sleep well, eat healthy food and of course socialize.

These are small advices on how to write a master s thesis. We hope they will be useful for you and you will produce really good thesis in the shortest time.

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