Current State of US Public Schooling System

Current State of US Public Schooling System

The highest population of American children attend public schools, as private schools are simply too expensive and cannot be offered by anyone unless they receive scholarships and financial aid in some way. It is safe to say that the public school system in the United States is somewhat flawed and that immediate action is needed to make it effective again.

Bad news

Although many people do not realize this, the current state of the public school system is about to deteriorate as it experiences many problems that could eventually lead to its long-term completion.

Very Unsafe Environment

Because public schools have huge numbers of children almost everywhere in America, there is a high likelihood of violence leading to further problems in the future.

A violent environment can harm both students and their learning activities.
The reason public schools face violence on a daily basis is that there is less vigilance and most children get away with their misconduct.
According to many advanced surveys, public schools have high levels of drug use, contributing to the downfall of this American school system.

High school dropout rate

In other words, the American public school system is facing a crisis in our time. This can easily be done after studying the dropout rates of students attending these schools.

Statistics show that more than half of the student population at these schools were very dropout due to low grades, personal reasons, violent behavior and mental disorders.
While urban and rural public schools face challenges, rural schools face much more complex challenges that are growing every day.
Urban public schools may have large attendance; however, school staff do not properly prepare students for the practical world they must face after graduation.

Lack of opportunities and personal space

Another notable drawback of current public schools in America is the fact that smart and good students get lost in a huge crowd.

While these children may have great opportunities if they are in private schools, they fall behind as public schools do not offer a bright future.
The current state of the public school system in the United States is falling as even classroom conditions deteriorate. Most schools cannot adapt to the total number of students; therefore, the rooms are jumbled. These unfavourable factors have led to the fact that the public education system of the United States has been in this situation.

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