Cause and Effects of Global Warming: A Report from Global Warming Research Paper

Cause and Effects of Global Warming

In recent years and weeks, several research and studies have been carried out on the problems of global warming. Several research papers on global warming are related to human climate change vs. natural. In these documents, a single content is related to the causes of climate change and how much global warming we can expect in the future.
The study of global warming research shows two different representations of nature variability. The first shows that, the current climate has a short and finite memory. But the second model says that internal climate variability has a long memory and that current climate is influenced by all previous years.

Global warming is affecting everyone now and it’s not good. There can be many unexpected problems. The melting of permafrost causes some of the greatest damage from any other factor that affects global warming. The problem of global warming is not simple and is not easy to solve. It will take many years to fix it. It’s affecting the world at an alarming rate. But it has been unsolvable for the past 30 years, but modern researchers have found several remedies to the problem they have inflicted on earth as a human.

The Earth’s atmosphere has a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is a balanced mixture that makes the Earth’s temperature sixty for plants and animals. The debate and much of the research work on global warming have been ongoing for decades. Global warming refers to an increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s surface causing viral climate change. Climate change is very likely to have an impact now on our planet and on your life.

The research studies on global warming say that global warming, as the sun emits energy in the Earth’s atmosphere, some rays of energy are absorbed while others are reflected off the surface of the Earth. These reflected rays could return to space, or they could be trapped in the atmosphere through interaction with greenhouse gases, causing global warming. If humans maintain current levels of greenhouse gas production, while nature remains constant, the world will see an improved “greenhouse effect” causing higher temperatures. Or if human beings maintain the current production of greenhouse gases, the Earth will do something that we cannot accurately predict.

Factors behind global warming:

Many research studies on global warming show that the main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases. And another factor is solar variability and global warming. A recent review paper, prepared by scientists from both solar and Climate Energy, says that solar influence on climate change. And the third is trends and effects, such as human impacts on climate change.

The important thing we have to discuss is how to help reduce the gases on our Earth. Building green houses is important both economically and environmentally, but doing it wrong is not good. Many research papers on global warming are conducting their study for effective solution.

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